Test and Placement Terms

Test and Placement Terms

These Relevel Test and Placement Terms and Conditions (“Relevel Test and Placement Terms”) governs the entire Test-taking and Placement process with Relevel. In addition to our Platform Terms (as defined in our Terms of Service), we strongly advise that you go over these Relevel Test and Placement Terms thoroughly to understand what your rights and obligations are. Your acceptance of the Platform Terms indicates your acceptance of these Relevel Test and Placement Terms as well, hence, please take the time to read these terms and other Platform Terms. If you need any clarifications or queries, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] or if you do not agree to any of our terms and conditions, then please do not use our Services. Relevel shall not be responsible for any assumptions or misconceptions made by you in respect of the Services offered on the Relevel Platform.

From time-to-time, updated versions of the Relevel Test and Placement Terms may be made available on the Platform for your reference. By visiting the Platform, providing your Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy), using the Services offered or by otherwise signalling your agreement when the option is presented to you, you hereby expressly accept and agree to the Platform Terms (including the Relevel Test and Placement Terms). If you do not agree to any such updated terms or do not wish to be bound by them, then please do not use the Platform in any manner.

All capitalized terms are defined/have the meaning assigned to it under these Relevel Test and Placement Terms or under the relevant Platform Terms. In other words, if you find any word herein that has its first letter capitalized, then it means that we have explained the meaning such word has in the context of these Relevel Test and Placement Terms; if not here, then it will be provided in the relevant Platform Terms – when we refer to any such term in these Relevel Test or Placement Terms, we will try and specify where in these Terms of Service and/or other Platform Terms you can find the meaning/definition.

A. Test and Placement Eligibility:

  1. Eligibility Criteria for Test: Creating an account on the Platform does not automatically make you eligible to participate in a Test. Prior to registering for a Test, you must ensure that (a) you meet the Age Requirements (as specified in our Terms of Service) and (b) meet any other specific eligibility criteria (including work experience) that may apply to the Test you intend to register for; such additional criteria, if any, shall be made available on the Platform (“Test Criteria”).

    Please note that –

    • (a) The Age Requirement specified in our Terms of Service is only applicable for your use of the Platform (which may include your eligibility to take the Test), and the requirement for your participation in the job placements through Relevel shall vary in accordance with the applicable laws of your country of residence. Please read the ‘Eligibility Criteria for Placement’ section below to understand the criteria you are required to fulfil to participate in the Placement process; and

    • (b) Each Test may have a different age requirement as part of its eligibility criteria; in the event there is any conflict between the age requirement for a Test and the Age Requirement specified in our Terms of Service, then the age requirement specified for the Test shall be applicable.

  2. Eligibility Criteria for Placement: To be eligible to participate in the Placement process through Relevel you must meet the following criteria (“Placement Criteria”):

    • (a) Minimum Age: You must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age OR of such age determined by the applicable laws of your country of residence as suitable for employment.

    • (b) Maximum Age: The age limit for Placement through Relevel is 35 (thirty-five) years and hence, you must not be more than 35 (thirty-five) years of age.

    • (c) Work Permit: You must be legally permitted to work in the country where you have been offered a job through Relevel.

    • (d) Test Criteria: You must have met with the Test Criteria.

    • (e) Qualifying Grade: You are required to achieve the minimum grade (“Qualifying Grade”) set for the Test you are appearing for; please note that, if you do not meet the age requirements specified in this section or any of the Test Criteria, then you shall not be eligible for Placements irrespective of you achieving the Qualifying Grade.

    • (f) Joining availability: You must be available for joining the company whose offer you choose to accept within 30 (thirty) days from the date of accepting the offer. If you are still pursuing your education, then you must be available for taking up a full-time role with the company whose offer you choose to accept with the option to join immediately.

    • (g) Job Positions: Relevel currently only facilitates opportunities for entry level positions, hence, you must be agreeable to taking up such positions.

    • (h) Job Location: You are open to working from office or remotely as may be required by the company whose offer you choose to accept and are open to relocating to another city/country where you are offered the job.

    • (i) Background Verifications: You may be subject to background verifications before you are allowed to participate in the Placement process. As part of these verifications, you may be required to submit your personal identification documents, which include without limitation, any government issued identity proofs, proof of your education and past work experience.

    • (j) Profile Creation: You will be required to submit certain information necessary for creating your profile on the Platform, which will be publicly accessible for the period where you’re actively availing of the Services rendered by Relevel (“Relevel Profile”). Your Relevel Profile shall also contain your Test grades.

B. Other Terms and Conditions applicable to Tests:

  1. Tests are time-bound. hence, once registered, you must adhere to the timelines and appear for the Test on the date and time it has been scheduled. However, there is no limit on the number of times you can appear for the Test; you can choose to participate in multiple Tests in the same job category.

  2. Tests may contain multiple rounds. The range of questions may vary from objective type questions to questions that required descriptive responses, including video responses. The Tests may also include a virtual video interview with an industry expert. Further, each round may require you to achieve a Qualifying Grade to progress to the next round in the Test, and all rounds of a Test may be conducted on the same day or on different days; however, information pertaining to such qualifiers and Test schedule shall be made available to you on the Platform.

  3. Honesty is the best policy. Seeking help from other sources or persons to better educate yourself is a good thing, but Do Not do so during your participation in the Tests. Some rounds in a Test are proctored, and the proctors monitoring you may communicate with you through the Platform when required to ensure that you are following the Test rules. If Relevel becomes aware of your involvement in any form of unethical practices including but not limited to having prior access to the questions in the Test(s) or any part thereof, using any circumventing technology to manipulate the product algorithm or any act which will give you an unfair advantage over other participants, then Relevel may at its sole discretion disqualify you from the Test or if you have been allowed to participate in the Placement process prior to Relevel becoming aware of such activity by you, then Relevel may remove you from the Placement process and further, bar you from using any Platform or any Services offered by Relevel. Further, in the event you have received an offer from a company or have joined a company through the Test, Relevel shall have the right to inform the company of any breach of the Test Criteria.

  4. Assessment process for grading the Tests is solely determined by Relevel. Hence, Relevel’s decision on the same shall be final and binding. However, Relevel shall inform you the process prior to commencing of the Test.

  5. Say no to any form of bribery. You shall not accept or undertake to accept or give or undertake to give, either directly or indirectly, any gifts, commission, or other favor of any kind whatsoever, to facilitate better grades in the Test you undertake on the Platform and/or your selection for a Placement. Any knowledge of such an act shall lead to your immediate disqualification and Relevel shall been titled to take any and all action(s) against you, as it deems fit.

  6. Conduct of a Test is solely determined by Relevel and Relevel may, at any time, choose to terminate, withdraw, or cancel a Test at its soled is discretion.

C. Other Terms and Conditions applicable to Placements:

  1. Onboarding to the Placement Process: To initiate the Placement process, you will be asked to share a few details about yourself, which may include your personal identification documents as stated above. The information we need from you will be requested via email or through your dashboard on the Platform or through other modes of communication which you will be informed of. You are required to share all the requested information within 48 (forty-eight) hours from receipt of the communication from us, or within such duration specified in the communication, in the manner as may be detailed in the communication. By submitting the requested information, you undertake that all information provided by you is factually correct and verifiable.

    Note: The Relevel Placement process will only start once we receive all the requested information within the timelines stated hereinabove.

  2. Work Experience: Please note that each Test category may require a specific number of years of experience, and the same may be part of the Test Criteria. If you have experience which is not relevant to the opted Test category, you will be deemed ‘Fresher’ or ‘Non-Experienced’, or you may be ineligible to proceed with the Placement process.

    Currently, the Placements offered through the Relevel Platform cater to candidates with 0-3 years of experience for entry level positions. So, if you have more than 3 (three) years of experience, we will try our best to align relevant opportunities available within the Platform. However, we do not guarantee any minimum or a maximum number of Placement opportunities.

  3. Your Relevel Profile: Based on the information we receive from you, either we will create your Relevel Profile or you may be given the option to create your profile on the Platform (subject to such feature being available on the Platform). Your Relevel Profile shall be publicly available and shall be accessed by companies registered with Relevel as part of their shortlisting process for job interviews with the company. Further, Relevel reserves the right to share your Relevel Profile on social media for marketing purposes.

    Your Relevel Profile shall remain public unless you request for its removal by writing to [email protected]. However, removal of your Relevel Profile may make you ineligible to continue in the Placement process.

  4. Interview Process: If you have been shortlisted by any company registered with Relevel, then you will receive an interview invite via email from the company either directly or through Relevel. You are required to respond to the interview invite(s) either an acceptance or rejection within 6 (six) hours of receiving the invite or within such duration as may be specified in the invite email.

    Further, you shall adhere to the below terms:

    • (a) You are required to attend all interviews you have accepted the invites for, and you will not reschedule the interviews.

    • (b) You will not reject more than 2 (two) interview invites, and you will share the appropriate and valid reasons for the rejection.

  5. Placement Support: You will receive placement support from Relevel until the occurrence of any of the following events:

    • (a) You have accepted an offer; or

    • (b) You have participated in 5 (five) interviews received from companies registered with Relevel; or

    • (c) You have rejected more than 2 (two) offers made to you by companies registered with Relevel; or

    • (d) On the occurrence of any event specified under the ‘Withdrawal’ or ‘Disqualification’ sections below.

  6. Withdrawal from the Relevel Placement Process: Your adherence of the rules applicable for our Placement process is key to the success of our process. So, on the occurrence of any of the following events, we will assume your withdrawal from the Placement process, and thereafter Relevel will not be obligated to make available any Placement opportunities to you:

    • (a) You do not furnish the requested information within the timelines stated in ‘Onboarding to Placement Process’ section above; or

    • (b) You do not adhere to the preferences that you have shared during the onboarding process; or

    • (c) You fail to attend an interview you had accepted the invite for; or

    • (d) You reject 3 (three) interviewing opportunities offered by companies registered with Relevel.

  7. Disqualification from the Relevel Placements Process: At Relevel, we appreciate the value of a job and hence, to ensure that the integrity of our Placement process is maintained, we will have the right to disqualify you from the Placement process if –

    • (a) the details furnished by you are found to be factually incorrect; or

    • (b) it brought to Relevel’s notice that you have misconducted yourself in any form with Relevel employees, hiring companies or any personnel associated with Relevel; or

    • (c) You have received an offer from the companies registered with Relevel and chosen to not inform Relevel about it.

  8. Consequences of Withdrawal and/or Disqualification: We, at Relevel, are here to do everything to ensure that you get the best opportunity possible. The policy has been created to allow us to do so with all our potential. However, your withdrawal or disqualification from the process may lead to one or more of the following, depending on the reasons and their severity for the withdrawal or disqualification:

    • (a) Your placement process with Relevel will be halted; or

    • (b) There may be a recovery period before you can appear for the Relevel Test once again; or

    • (c) The offer that has been extended may be rescinded.

  9. Waiting Period: After you have accepted an offer from any company registered through Relvel, then there is a 12-months waiting period from the date of such ‘offer-acceptance’ through Relevel to re-appear in the Placement process. This waiting period applies to all the Test categories for which you’ve applied (inclusive of the category for which you have already accepted an offer).

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