Campus Operations Executive[COE]

Campus Operations Executive[COE]

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3.5 LPA
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Position : Campus Operations Executive[COE] 

Department : Operations Team 

Reporting Hierarchy : This role would report to the Business Operations Team Lead. 


1. Train Campus Ambassadors from Universities across the country. 

2. Increase the brand presence, build trust & credibility of the brand in the target market with the help of the campus ambassadors. 

3. Partnering with Universities / Colleges to drive MyCaptain programs also lead and support 

initiatives that drive the profitable growth of the Universities / Colleges. 

4. Scale & Drive organic traffic & engagement to the MyCaptain Pro Scholarship test landing page. 5. New Customer Acquisition via B2B and B2C Channel. 

6. Consistently achieve revenue targets in line with team/organizational objectives. 

7. Proactively identifying cross-selling/up-selling opportunities with the existing customers. 

8. Identifying references through the existing customer base to increase the sales pipeline. 

9. Continuously improve conversion rates by fine-tuning sales pitches, cross-selling, upselling, and understanding prospect–product fit. 

10. Understand the customer requirement and pass on the insights towards the product portfolio improvement based on the customer interaction/feedback. 

Mandatory Skills Required: 

1. Excellent communication skills 

2. Interpersonal skills and ability to build rapport with clients 

3. Good listening and problem-solving skills 

4. Time management skills 

5. Critical thinking skills 

6. Ability to identify potential leads 

7. Send campaigns and schedule appointments with interested parties 

8. Sales negotiation skills 

9. Continuous follow-ups with multiple collaborators

10. Strong knowledge of social media platforms 

11. Knowledge of research and strategy 

12. Knowledge of sales management, marketing, strategic management, and business planning 

How the Selection Process Looks like: 

1) Job Application Form [JAF]- Primary Shortlisting. 

2) Business Round. 

3) HR Round. 

Brochure: Video Job Description:

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