Data Analyst


Data Analyst

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16.0 LPA
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Analytics plays a critical role in how we work at Grofers. From marketing outreach, to app personalisation; from supply chain management to customer service; from reporting to insights, data is an integral part of all of key decision making across teams in our organisation. We have a bunch of highly skilled analysts working on complex problems across business domains, figuring out user behaviour patterns, generating valuable insights and helping us make the right next move. Our team is resourced with all the latest tools and technologies, continuously challenged to acquire new skills and nurtured well to ensure continuous development of each individual.

What you will do
● Collaborate with cross functional teams to identify and prioritize the new avenues for growth opportunities, including areas of - workflow, innovation, outreach, and strategic planning
● Craft strategic initiatives, identify process improvement opportunities and measure the impact and improve user experience
● Deep dive and acquire an extensive knowledge of emerging industry practices

About company

"Grofers is India's #1 instant commerce platform. We pioneered the 10 minute delivery model in India and intend to take it across the country by the end of 2022. Over 10 m...Read more

Saurabh Kumar
Saurabh Kumar
Co-founder & CEO
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